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Anonymous asked:

Hi Mae, I know how you felt/ currently feeling abt what had happened. But I think you should also think abt the fraction of the fandom who wasnt involved in the incident and ofcourse the same people that have been patiently waiting for your fic updates. I'm not forcing you or anything, but it'd be really nice if you actually give closure to all ur fics before going on a long hiatus/detaching yourself from the fandom. Please reconsider. Love, A fan of your work.

Yeah, after thinking about it for a while after cooling off, I’m probably going to be coming back to the fandom because I really miss interacting with my readers and other people on tumblr. If I ever really did have to permanently detach myself from the fandom (which is probably something that wont happen anytime soon unless something really drastic changes in my life, I don’t think i’d ever leave for good unless it was something that was happening personally in my life that’s forcing me to), I already have a list of other writers in mind who I’d ask to continue for me if I really had to stop writing.

And like I really do want to continue my fics, but since college started for me, all i’ve been able to do was either study or sleep. I really need to do well in my classes because if I do, I’ll make it onto the dean’s list, and my tuition would be free. I really really want to continue writing, but right now I don’t have any time to :( I don’t want to go into such a long hiatus, and I miss writing so much, but now that my mom actually has to pay for my tuition (it was free when i was in high school) I feel guilty and want to be able to do whatever I can to lessen how much she has to pay :/

I’m really sorry for making you guys wait for so long ;; I know it’s been years since I’ve updated some of my fics, but they’ll all have an ending ;;

imagine daehyun bugging youngjae while they’re at their dorm because he’s daehyun, and at one point youngjae gets tired of trying to run away so he just plops down on the couch and just takes all of dae’s little pokes and pinches

and at first daehyun’s super excited because now he can finally squish youngjae all he wants, but then after a while he gets bored because youngjae isn’t even reacting to him and that’s no fun, so then daehyun makes kissy faces at youngjae and starts to move closer, thinking that he’s going to get some very amusing shrieking noises and a very adorable blush from youngjae

but instead of acting all shy, youngjae just smirks and plants one right on daehyun’s puckered lips, and all daehyun can do after the kiss is done is whine a little before plopping on the couch next to youngjae in a blushing little ball of happy

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